Doing good shouldn’t be complicated!

With 1.5% of charities receiving 70% of the £73bn annual sector income, tech start up is set to level the playing field₁. This innovative platform launched March 15th in a special What (London) Charity initiative, with nationwide roll out following a few weeks later. Answering the strong public demand to find new charities to work with, improve transparency and engagement, and meet the rising interest in social impact – the fully mobile responsive site will provide efficiency, improve trust and deliver a smarter solution to charitable giving.

The initiative will bring together grassroot charities and local SMEs, allowing donors and volunteers to see exactly the support the charities need, whether it be time, money or goods & services. A combination of an online directory and social media platform, the site will provide charities of all sizes better visibility by providing them with a profile searchable by location, mission, impact, causes, donor and beneficiary reviews, resources needed, size and much more. The national charity upload process will start in May and eventually all England and Wales charities will be represented on the site.

The platform’s mission is to tackle the sector’s missed opportunities and harness technology to tap into a potential £665million additional revenue in donations₂. is also confronting the decline of volunteering, utilising the fact that 30% of London-based employees would volunteer more if they had better access to charities and could find more local opportunities more easily₃.

Each registered charity registered will have a free, automatically generated profile with their Charity Commission data, which they can then easily claim and fill with their relevant content including their mission, projects and the impact they intend to make. They can request any resources from the public or companies, whether it is skill-based volunteering, trustees, monetary or product donations from companies, or promotion of their shops and services.

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