ODEM and WELL to make medical education more accessible and affordable

ODEM announced a partnership with WELL to make medical education more accessible and affordable.

ODEM, which aspires to be the Airbnb of international education, is collaborating with WELL by using the blockchain-based ODEM platform to streamline the organization and delivery of specialized medical training courses. The platform will also act as a secure warehouse of medical professionals’ credentials and act as a tool for managing ongoing professional accreditation requirements.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to work with WELL specifically on medical education and patient care,“ says Rich Maaghul, chief executive officer of ODEM. “We’re deploying the ODEM Platform for the cause of advancing the practice of medical care even in the world’s most remote locations.”

WELL was attracted to the idea of partnering with ODEM because of the companies’ shared vision of using blockchain, or distributed-ledger technology, to creatively disrupt their target industries; medicine and education.

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