New ‘Pure E’ range of leak free electric shower cabins of a worry free solution to homeowners

For many of us these days, making the most of whatever space we have is a key part of our lives. This can mean turning bathrooms into shower rooms to free up floor space for more useful purposes or squeezing in showers to places which were never intended to hold them and perhaps don’t have the usual facilities in place, for example they may only have access to a cold water feed rather than a hot one. In the old days, this could scupper otherwise great plans, but over recent years, manufacturers have begun to recognize the demand for showers which could be fitted into places which only had a cold water feed and have started to produce a greater range of electric showers. The problem is they tend to be expensive and not necessarily very attractive, Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Vidalux decided that needed to change. He explains why and what he did about it.

“I obviously knew that one of the reasons there was such a huge demand for showers was because people wanted to create more usable space in their bathrooms. I also knew that there were quite a few people looking to add extra bathrooms, or, more accurately shower rooms, to their homes or to redesign their homes so that they made better overall use of the space. When I asked around, I kept getting feedback that there was definitely a market, albeit a niche one, for electric showers and yet there were very few available. After I thought about it, I realized that the situation was a classic example of “the chicken and the egg”. People didn’t like the limited selection of electric showers available at that point and in particular they didn’t see why they should pay so much for a shower which often didn’t look that good or perform that well in comparison to the many standard showers available to people who could attach them to a hot-water feed, so they either found other ways to solve their problem or they just accepted the fact that the problem couldn’t be solved and basically learned to live with it. All in all, I felt that if people had the option to buy attractive and functional electric showers at a reasonable price, then they would do so and I’m happy to say I’ve been proved right.”.

Andrew Ellis goes on to say “Sales of the Pure E range have been very good for such a niche product. I think it helps a lot that we’ve chosen to specialize in self-contained shower cabins, which are what the IT world calls “plug and play” solutions. In other words, you don’t need to faff about with tiling (which also reduces costs) and you don’t need to worry about leaks. You just get an attractive shower you can install with virtually no hassle. Right now, we’re able to supply electric showers which are at least as good quality as everyday conventional showers. In the future, we’re hoping to be able to add more advanced features such as hydrotherapy jets and maybe even steam. For the time being, however, the feedback we’re getting is that people are very happy just being able to get a decent shower in a place where they can only access a cold-water feed.”.

In the future, Andrew Ellis expects sales of the Pure E range to grow and to dovetail with the other products offered by Vidalux. He says “I get the impression that many people would still love to have a full bathroom with both a bath and a shower so we can choose which one we prefer at any given time, but the reality is that baths take up space many of us can no longer spare. That’s why I believe that showers will dominate the market for a long time to come. I think that people will replace baths with hydrotherapy showers, which provide a very luxurious experience, and will use electric showers to create extra facilities for their household, whether that’s just to relieve pressure on the main bathroom or to allow for a home design to be updated to reflect changing lifestyles and priorities. I fully intend to make sure that Vidalux keeps on offering people the showers they need and want at a price they can afford.”.

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