Meet the Special Constable who assisted a woman in a mental health crisis

Special Constable Wayne David assisted a woman in a mental health crisis and helped her get the support she needed.

On Sunday, February 18, at approximately 1:30pm, Sc Wayne David and two police officers attended an incident in Colchester, following reports of a woman threatening to take her own life.

Her friend was concerned about her welfare following a text conversation and called our Force Control Room to ask for help.

The victim, who has a history of poor metal health, had recently been released from hospital.

David and the officers attended her address and located the woman safely. David checked on her welfare and ensured she stayed safe until the Mental Health Triage Team arrived.

The woman was later taken to hospital to receive the help she needed.

Later on in his shift, Wayne attended a separate incident following reports of an argument at an address in Colchester. When he arrived at the address, he helped other officers detain a man and seize a knife.

Sc Wayne David, from Colchester Local Policing Team, said: “It’s good to be able to help protect Essex residents.
“I love being a Special and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to help people.”

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