London-based LiveTree ADEPT has extended the length of its token pre-sale

London-based LiveTree ADEPT has extended the length of its token pre-sale which is raising funds to power the world’s first community driven film, TV and content network. LiveTree felt it fair to provide a short extension as there were several Ethereum network issues that have had knock-on effects meaning several people have not had the opportunity to participate in the sale. The pre-sale will now end on Wednesday December 20, 23:59 UTC.

The extended pre-sale period will allow more people to take advantage of the 50% discount for the platform’s Seed tokens (Symbol: SED). During the pre-sale 1 ETH is worth 2,000 SED tokens (1 SED = 0.0005 ETH).

Founder and CEO of LiveTree ADEPT Ashley Turing said, “We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has taken part in our pre-sale so far. We have already started on the development and cannot wait to start sharing the beta version of the platform which is expected to be ready before the start of the main sale.”

LiveTree ADEPT is set to disrupt the $500bn entertainment industry and the likes of Netflix’s subscription service by utilizing blockchain technology to create efficiency gains for consumers and industry professionals using key features such as:

Legal contracts involved in the production, financing and distribution of film, TV and content are often viewed as a burdensome and costly overhead. ADEPT replaces these contracts with blockchain based smart contracts. This reduces costs while fostering fan community engagement. Empowering the community to earn, participate and promote the mainstream adoption of Blossom TV.

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